Quality products from Scandinavia

Kaslink is a family-owned business specialised in developing and manufacturing premium Scandinavian food products including cooking products, drinks and snacks. We produce our products from fresh, pure and local Scandinavian ingredients.

Without a drop of milk

Aito products are the non-dairy favorites for milk loving people. These oat-based milk alternatives can be enjoyed in the same way as regular dairy products.


Pure by nature

From the land of crystal clear lakes and endless forests comes the Vesi Water. It’s packed into an eco-friendly carton, like the world’s purest water deserves.


Premium cooking

Our premium cooking products include handcraft sauces out of natural premium quality ingredients without any additives or preservatives.


Before or after excercise – or as a healthy snack

Healthy on-the-go drinks for an active lifestyle. The milk-based Koria Protein drinks are the perfect fit for every meal of the day, or before or after exercise.

A drop of Finnish nature

Premium milk products with local ingredients. Our farms are located within’ 100 kilometres from our factory and all our products are made with renewable Finnish biogas.