Sustainability – and having an environmental conscience in general – is something very dear to us. We use ingredients from local suppliers, and distribution of all goods is handled with lowest possible impact on the environment.


Our green mindset has led our company to pay more and more hands-on attention to sustainability in the whole supply chain. Our approach is simple – the company has invested and is going to continue investing in environmentally friendly solutions in its everyday actions.

In the manufacturing processes, nothing is wasted – most of the waste is re-used and transformed into bio gas that actually runs our factory, while the rest of the waste is recycled in other ways. Distribution of all goods is handled with lowest possible impact on the environment.

Local ingredients

We produce our products from fresh ingredients from the pure Nordic nature. The ingredients used in our manufacturing processes are collected from local suppliers whenever it’s possible in order to reduce logistics emissions. We get the milk we use from farms in South-Eastern Finland less than 100 kilometres from our factory in Koria, and the Aito products are made of oat that grows on Finnish fields.

Eco-friendly packaging

Most of our goods are packaged using the 100 % recyclable Tetra Pak packages, which, in terms of logistics, are excellent for both transportation and storing. Most of the packages are made in Imatra, Finland, approximately 100 kilometres from our factory. The benefits of the Tetra Pak packages include low carbon footprint and renewable natural resources. The carton package also protects the product from the sunlight and preserves the taste of the product without giving any flavor to the fresh content.

Certified quality

Maintaining product safety and high quality is our primary responsibility. That is why we constantly monitor the quality of our raw materials, production processes and final products.

We have adopted a self-inspection plan with the aim of developing and maintaining quality criteria throughout the production chain.

In addition, we have earned the following certificates and obey the following practices which guarantee that our way of making business is ethical, environment-friendly and of high quality.




The SMETA audit aims to improve working conditions in the global supply chain ensuring that a factory can comply with all the local labour laws and regulations. It also means that our workers work in a healthy and safe environment.




Our factory has an organic certification.




In order to reduce our factory’s carbon footprint, we use renewable Finnish biogas in our production processes.


With FSSC quality system, we effectively manage food safety responsibility in our company.