Production planning manager Kim Kiviranta: Versatile tasks in production planning


Production planning manager Kim Kiviranta


Started at Kaslink in 2008


Production planning means making sure we are able to manufacture our products at the right time according to clients' orders and sales forecasts.

What's best in my work

Versatility. In a small team everyone gets to do a lot of different tasks. 

I work at Kaslink as a production planning manager. I’m in charge of production planning together with my team. We make sure that we are able to manufacture the products according to sales predictions and orders from our clients. To succeed in this, we also make sure we order the right amount of ingredients and package materials, and that they arrive at our production facility at the right time.

A large part of production planning is calculating: we make sure there’s exactly the right amount of products and ingredients in the production line; not too much nor too little.

Versatile tasks in a great team

The focus in my job is in production planning, but my work also includes a lot of development and coordinating. I work closely together with both production and other parts of the production processes. I also work together with our clients and suppliers.

The best thing in my job is versatility. In a small team everyone gets to a lot of different things and to work independently. Things are changing and developing constantly. We have a great team which works together for a shared goal. Together we also handle difficulties and stressful moments.

Opportunities for advancement

I have been with Kaslink since 2008. My first job here was a two-week temporary staffing stint in the storage department. I continued working at Kaslink and ended up working as a storage supervisor. A couple of years later I transferred to production planning and I now work as a production planning manager.

Having worked at different parts of the production process has helped me understand the big picture in production planning. It’s easier to schedule and plan the production when I know the specific process between ingredients and a finished product. For everyone interested in a career in production planning I warmly recommend getting to know the whole production process.

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Production planning manager Kim Kiviranta: Versatile tasks in production planning

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