Technical Manager Miska Autio: Development and problem solving


Technical manager Miska Autio


Started at Kaslink in 2000 in the production line 

Main tasks

Implementing different projects, instruction, problem solving and development

The best part of my work

Solving problems, constant development

I work at Kaslink as a technical manager. My work includes overseeing implementing different projects, instruction, problem solving and development. I participate in multiple tasks in the manufacturing processes and my work includes a lot of collaboration between different parts of the manufacturing process: maintenance, research & development, laboratory and manufacturing. Machinery suppliers are also an important contact for me.

I started at Kaslink at 2000 working as an operator in the production line. From there I moved on to different tasks within Kaslink’s manufacturing processes. Along the way I’ve got to know the company’s working routines and the machinery used in the manufacturing of the products.

Developing the production line

A normal workday consists of lots of different tasks.  We go through possible malfunctions in the production line from the previous evening/night with the maintenance team. If there are any problems, we solve them together. I also supervise the deployment of new manufacturing processes; I keep an eye on the machinery via computer programs and trouble-shoot mechanical and software-based malfunctions in the production line.

Together with the R&D team we think of new options for developing the production line. We conduct tests in order to find out how the new product recipes’ ingredients fit into production and find the right settings to run the production. Sometimes it takes half a year to perfect a recipe; sometimes you get it right on the first try.

It’s always great to be a part of creating something new, and it’s very rewarding when you get a problem or a challenge solved. We have a great team at Kaslink, and you always get support from your colleagues.

At Kaslink, you never stop learning new things. The food industry is under constant development. Production processes are automatized and developed constantly, so the work never gets boring.

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