Process Manager Vesa Korhonen is a triathlete


Process Manager Vesa Korhonen

Main tasks

Overseeing the production and quality of UHT products


Started working part-time at Kaslink at 2003


Triathlon since 2011. Currently practicing for the Ironman competition. 

I started working at Kaslink in 2003 after coming home from Kosovo where I’d been taking part in peacekeeping forces. I worked part-time in the UHT packaging department and continued as a process manager in the UHT department in 2005. My job is to take care of the manufacturing process and to make sure that our products match the quality requirements.
The ongoing growth of our company provides interesting challenges and an opportunity to learn new things. That among other things is why I enjoy working at Kaslink.

Triathlon keeps me going

Triathlon has been my hobby since 2011. I wanted to get a new hobby and I got interested in triathlon. Running wasn’t interesting enough, I needed more challenge – triathlon was the answer. My enthusiasm about the sport has not faded even though I have been training several years now. I always have the chance to develop my skills and challenge myself – just like in my work.
In the autumn of 2018 I will take part in the Ironman competition in Barceona. This year has brought me excitement and joy also with my family: my first son was born in the spring. He keeps my hands full but there’s always time for triathlon as well!

Process Manager Vesa Korhonen is a triathlete

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