Kaslink is an innovative and flexible company specialised in developing and manufacturing premium Scandinavian food products including cooking products, drinks and snacks. The family-owned company’s products are sold in over 15 countries in Europe.

Passion for food innovations

Kaslink is a family-owned company specialised in developing and manufacturing premium Scandinavian food products including cooking products, drinks and snacks.The company hails from the northernmost tip of Scandinavia, Finland. We love to create innovative products for both consumers and professional kitchens all over the world.

We are constantly developing and maintaining quality criteria throughout the production chain, and it is very important to us that our way of making business is ethical, environment-friendly and of high quality.

Kaslink was established in 2001 by Raino Kukkonen, the father of current owners Tuomas, Juha-Petteri and Matti Kukkonen, also known as brothers Kukkonen.

Active research & development

Kaslink is a house of active R&D. We strenghten our sturdy food industry experience with our own research and development department.

We like to think that nothing is impossible, especially when we have the best professional assets and ingredients available at our use. Fresh ingredients from pure Scandinavian nature are an essential part of our recipes. And the recipes become perfect, when they’re put together by a team of driven food industry professionals.

Maintaining product safety and high quality is our primary responsibility. That is why we constantly monitor the quality of our raw materials, production processes and final products, so that consumers all over the world can enjoy the best possible products.

Our modern production facility in Kouvola, by the Kymijoki river, enables us to manufacture many different kinds of cooking products, drinks and snacks. The latest production technology ensures that all our products are packed into eco-friendly carton packages which can be recycled and distributed extremely efficiently with long shelf life.

Management board

Chief Executive Officer Jyrki Karlsson, Vice Chairman Of The Board Raino Kukkonen, Chairman Of The Board Harri Koponen (Chief Executive Officer, Nortal Oy), Managing partners Tuomas Kukkonen, Juha-Petteri Kukkonen and Matti Kukkonen