Our story

A bit of luck,
a healthy dose of adventurous spirit
and an endless supply of little something called willpower.

From a sauce factory into one of Finland’s largest manufacturers of cooking products, drinks and snacks

The beginning of our story dates back to 2001 when the founder of Kaslink, Raino Kukkonen, started to co-pack high-quality sauce bases for a customer that sold the products onwards to professional kitchens around Europe.

We started the manufacturing of the sauce bases in a rental premise in Kouvola, Finland, with old machinery. Our management, product development and office departments were located in Sotkamo, where our family is from originally. In the very early stages of our company, we made the strategic decision to profile ourselves as a contract-manufacturer for retail chains and brand owning partners. It didn’t take too long for us to expand our product range into dessert sauces and other food products such as creams.

In 2006 we decided to concentrate all our operations to Kouvola where our factory was stationed. In Kouvola we developed our product range further. Our clients were in need of various milk products and  we decided to specialize in manufacturing them with piety. Gradually, we transformed from a sauce factory into Finland’s biggest private dairy.

The new product categories, especially the liquid milk goods, and the increasing sales of private label products played a lead role in our quick growth spurt.

With new products and larger scale of production as part of our daily routines, we naturally had to put more effort into quality control. In 2007 we started to use certified BRC quality management system as part of our production processes.

Growth, investments and Kaslink’s first brand

Between 2011 and 2016 our company’s revenue grew 50% per year. This made Kaslink one of Finland’s fastest growing companies in the 2000’s. We invested heavily on our production lines and expanded our storages. Hence, we grew further, and decided to invest in new production and packaging methods. The number of our employees grew from 30 to 170.

The year 2014 is truly memorable for us. We were selected as the Company of the year in Finland and we also lauched our first own brand, the dairy brand Maire.

Passion for food innovations

In the 2010’s there has been a generational change in our company: The founder of our company Raino is an active member of the Board, and Raino’s sons Tuomas, Matti and Juha-Petteri, have taken charge.

Tuomas started at Kaslink in 2005 and has been the CEO of the company since 2015. Matti started at Kaslink in 2010 and since January 2017 he has been Vice President, Sales & Business Development. The eldest brother Juha-Petteri started at Kaslink in 2016 and he’s in charge of marketing and communications.

New brands Tahto, Nordic Cuisine, Kaslink Aito and Kaslink Vesi

In 2017 we launched three more brands: Tahto-snacks for active lifestyle, and Nordic Cuisine sauces. In 2017 we also started manufacturing plant-based products, and we launched the oat-based brand Kaslink Aito. In 2018 we launched the brand Vesi, water in eco-friendly carton packages, as well as the Koria Protein drinks.

Our products are sold in over 15 countries in Europe, and we are also seeking growth in new countries. During the last ten years we have invested 50 million euros in our business. We’ve been one of the fastest growing companies in Finland in the 2000’s, but from our point of view, we are just getting started.

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